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14. Been There Should've Done That

Tyler, Suzette. Been There Should've Done That. ISBN: 978-0965608619. Front Porch Press. Second Edition, 2001.

Been There Should've Done That is a compilation of quotes from college students, graduates, and professors, that give a wealth of advice to prospective college students. Author Suzette Tyler organizes her collected quotes into a variety of helpful sections that detail useful topics ranging from freshman orientation and roommates, to time management and choosing a major. These topics and more are explored in the book's twenty six different sections. The sections are separated by a gray title page and large quote to represent the topic discussed. Each of these sections details an aspect of college life that former college students can relate to, but for new students, the advice provided is new, fresh, and informative.

Critical Evaluation

"The Problem with college is that you figure it out about the time you're ready to graduate." This opening quote from Suzette Tyler's Been There Should've Done That, reveals the tragic truth that many college students are under prepared for the paths they've chosen. Tyler, a former college adviser, seeks to put an end to the under prepared college freshman by putting together a book of advice, not from her many years of experience dealing with students, but from the actual mouths of college students, graduates, and professors. Her compilation of gathered quotes explores a range of useful topics for future freshman about choosing classes, living life, and utilizing college to its full potential. The variety of quotes in the book's twenty six different sections express a unifying message that college is a different experience for everyone. Some students find their fit in clubs and organizations, while others in study abroad programs or Greek life. Not every program is for everyone, but the advice of students encourages teens to get out there and explore all of their options, because you never know who you want to become until you get out there and start exploring. The advice on study habits, taking classes outside your major, and professionalism will help teens to become prepared for the exciting challenges that await them. I only wish that I could go back, read this book, and experience college with new insight.

Reader's Annotation
College can be a scary place full of uncertainties. For prospective students worried about their transition into college life, Been There Should've Done That, makes things a little bit easier by providing real advice from college students, graduates, teachers aides, and professors.

Author Information
Suzette Tyler is a former college adviser, turned author of books designed to assist high school students as they transition into college life. Her other books include: Been There, Should've Done That: 995 Tips for Making the Most of College (2008), Been There Should've Done That: 505 Tips for Making the Most of College (1997), and Been There, Should've Done That II : More Tips for Making the Most of College (2001).

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Curriculum Ties
college prep

Book Talking Ideas

What are your plans after high school?
If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Reading Level
Grades 8+

Challenge Issues


Reason For Selection
I wanted to include a couple of books that provided tips and advice for teenagers entering college. After browsing through a couple of different books in the library, I eventually chose this title because of the simple format and use of real student and faculty quotes. I only wish that I would have had a survival guide like this before I began my first semester at California State University Northridge.

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