Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12. Make Barrets & More

Moody, Jo. Make Barrets & More. ISBN: 1-56496-285-7. Quarry Books. First Edition, 1997.


Welcome to the world of homemade art and hair accessories. Fashion journalist Jo Moody separates her sixteen different jewelry craft projects in Make Barrettes and More, into sections: clips and combs, beautiful bands, and hair slides. This instructional book introduces readers to all the basics of jewelry construction. Moody discusses the necessary tools to get started, proper materials to use, and the design process through easy to read text, tip sections, and explanatory photographs.

Critical Evaluation
Make Barrettes and More is a wonderful introductory book about jewelry construction. The bright colors and encouraging words in the book's composition make the task of creating jewelry a pleasant experience. The simple steps, accompanied by relevant and easy to understand photographs are what make this volume an excellent choice for the beginning jewelry maker, but the appeal doesn't stop there. The variety of craft projects explored would be suited for more advanced jewelry makers as well. Some crafts utilize advanced techniques such as metal working, and clay firing, that are demonstrated in a crocodile hair slide and shining star barrette. While some of the techniques and materials to use are harder to work with than others, readers have the option to focus on the craft projects that they feel comfortable with. Each design project is introduced with the materials needed, the steps to get started, as well as a few informative tips that Moody shares from personal experience. The end of the book also fortuitously includes a section where readers can sketch their own ideas for jewelry and craft projects, and after reading Make Barrettes and More readers will be more than inspired to do so. After reading the pages of the vibrant text, one can't help but want to pick up some rhinestones and glitter and start crafting and creating.

Reader's Annotation
Making homemade hair accessories has never been easier with the help of Make Barrettes & More by stylist and jewelry aficionado Jo Moody. Through step by step instructions and wonderfully detailed photographs, craft newcomers will quickly join the ranks of the accessorizing expert.

Author Information
Make Barrettes & More author Jo Moody is a fashion and craft journalist, whose passion for jewelry making has inspired several books, including: The Book of Jewelry (1994), Keepsake Crafts Beads (1994), and Keepsake Crafts Buttons (1994). Currently, Moody works as a freelance writer and stylist and continues her love and fascination of crafts,

nonfiction, hobbies, fashion

Curriculum Ties

Reading Level
Grades 8+ (some instructions may be too difficult for younger readers)

Challenge Issues

Reason For Selection
I knew that I wanted to include hobby books for both male and female teens in my blog, and the wonderfully photographed instructions in this title are what sold me right away. Jewelry is an important part of teenage life for many girls, and so is creative expression. Make Barrettes and More combines these two aspects of teenage life in a step by step artists guide for making fashionable jewelry.

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