Thursday, May 13, 2010

5. Student Research Center

EBSCOhost. (2010). Student Research Center. Retrieved from Solano County Library official website:

Critical Evaluation
The Student Research Center database, by EBSCO Publishing, is successful because it is user friendly. Graphically the web layout is very clean and streamlined, making navigation a simple point and click process. The use of hover effects on the navigable buttons and pull-down menus is an added bonus for the research beginner. The use of a muted purple color pallet creates a calming environment conducive to learning. The use of photographed teenage students engaged in the act of learning for clickable icons helps to create an environment welcoming of student users.

The layout and user friendly navigation features are only the beginning of the praise that this site is entitled to. The incorporation of an online dictionary and encyclopedia make the Student Research Center a one stop learning destination. EBSCO streamlines student needs into a single entity that is able to search through a variety of sources and formats in order to deliver valuable full text articles. The site offers both basic and advanced search options, where students are able to use boolean operators and field specific search limiters. Students also have the option of customizing their Student Research Center experience by customizing their own preferences and also by having the option to save important documents and links in their personal site folder.

The Colombia Encyclopedia that is incorporated into the Student Research Center contains over 51,000 entries and cross references over 84,000 different navigable links. This Encyclopedia is updated daily, making it one of the most comprehensive online encyclopedia's ever produced. The site also features a spotlight topic that touches on important events related to the particular month, and a top searches bar that shows students around the world what topics are receiving the most online traffic. EBSCO takes the database one step further by incorporating a teacher option, that allows teachers to search for curriculum related resources. The wealth of information in this database and the simple design make it a worthwhile tool for educating America's youth.

Reader's Annotation

When you need help with research or homework, the online Student Research Center by EBSCO is here to help. The online dictionary, encyclopedia, and full text search options make this database a student's best friend.

Company Information
The EBSCO Publishing company is a distributor of of full-text content through online databases for library systems around the globe. The software used to facilitate the EBSCO online databases is known as EBSCOhost. EBSCOhost is used to power the Student Research Center database used at the Solano County Public Library. EBSCO databases are some of the most used databases in the world and it is estimated that there are currently over a million active users.

Database Type
online student database

Curriculum Ties
school curriculum

Book Talking Ideas

Who out there has a research paper due?
Did you know that the library subscribes to a database just for students?

Reading Level

Grades 6+

Challenge Issues


Reason For Selection
I wanted to include at least one online database for teens in my blog. The Solano County Public Library system subscribes to a wealth of databases on different topics and subjects. The Student Research Center database seemed to be the most applicable for our 15-18 year old age group, and after testing it, there are many positive ways that it can help teens in my community.

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