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28. Big Brain Academy Wii Degree

Nintendo. Big Brain Acadeny Wii Degree. 2007. ASIN: B000OAO188

E for Everyone

Big Brain Academy Wii Degree is a puzzle and problem solving game developed by Nintendo that features 15 different mini games divided into five different categories. These categories include: Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize. Gamers also have the choice of determining the difficulty of gameplay by selecting between easy, medium, hard, and expert modes. Puzzle solving is accomplished with the Wii remote and user hand movements, as well as navigation from one puzzle to the next. Examples of games include: popping numbered balloons from lowest to highest, finding what's different amongst a series of similar images, and determining what object is illustrated the most in a composition. The game features both solo and multi-player modes that make it engaging for social events and solitary play. Users can create their own "Mii's" in this title and enroll them into the Big Brain Academy to compete against gamer scores from around the world. The online capability of the game allow gamers to compare their game scores called "report cards" with anyone they want.

Critical Evaluation
Combining math, object recognition, and pattern problems into a video game doesn't sound like it would be very popular, but leave it to Nintendo to prove everybody wrong. Branching from the popular Big Brain title for the handheld Nintendo DS, Big Brain Academy Wii Degree expands the gameplay for the larger Nintendo Wii platform. Allowing up to 8 different player to participate is a definite enhancement of the DS version, making Big Brain gameplay a very social event. Graphically this title, like many other Wii titles, is very simple. The simplicity of the graphics and design make navigating the game and solving the puzzles a breeze. Players don't have the distraction of overdone graphics, instead they can focus on the colorful characters and puzzles, and the overall clean design of the interface.

Depending on the scores you receive from the various puzzles, your brain size receives a ranking that you can use to compare and compete against friends with. Another clever feature of the game is the display of easy to follow stats that map how your brain has improved over time. The dual player challenges are also alluring, making Big Brain Academy Wii Degree a great choice for social gatherings. This title will also have allure for children looking to improve their problem solving capabilities, and also teens and adults who enjoy puzzles and games that are educational and fun.

Reader's Annotation
Create your own character and challenge your friends in five different modes of problem solving entertainment in the latest educational game from Nintendo Big Brain Academy Wii Degree.

Console Information
The Nintendo Wii is a popular video game console released by the Nintendo company in 2006. The system utilizes special remote controls and sensors that allow players to control game play with different body motions. The console is backward compatible with Nintendo's previous gaming console, allowing players to play all of their favorite Game Cube games. The system plays optical discs and also has the capability to download classic game titles through the Wii shopping channel. The Wii interface is based around channels, similar to television channels, featuring news, weather, photos, and a Mii channel that allows players to create their own customizable characters. The system utilizes simple graphics and interactive gameplay that target a broader non-gamer audience. This system is appealing to the whole family and many of the games are best enjoyed through group participation.

educational, puzzle

Curriculum Ties
math, problem solving

Reading Level

Challenge Issues

Reason For Selection
The Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular video game systems for teens and the Big Brain Academy game is an important teaching tool and learning device to help foster healthy development amongst teen users.

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